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Robert K Luciano

Monday, January 04, 2016

I wanted my coat because it is very fine, and warm. Also, it was a big reason that it is very popular, "says Emilie.
The mother believes that her daughter so far has been spared for buy pressure on the schools she has passed on.

It's perfectly okay to act on BikBok. I have talked with several of the parents of friends, and we Emilies all agree that there has not been a big buy pressure, telling Soares. To have the latest and the best cell phones are also important among the youth. Emilie has even an Iphone that she has had in a few years. Last week came the Iphone 5S in Norwegian stores, it has no need, canada goose rideau parka review however, Emilie to have, as long as her old phone -I think there is a bigger buy pressure when it comes to clothes CANADA GOOSE CHELSEA PARKA WOMEN Black 3804L , than it is for phones, "says Emilie.

In addition to expensive jackets often teens want the latest and greatest cell phones. Consumer Economist at DnB, Silje Sandmæl, believes that many young people do not understand that the money the crane comes to an end if they get money every time they ask.
The parents must be strict from the start and not allow that kids get all the points. The introduction of pocket money, according to be a good solution Sandmæle.

With fixed pocket money need to allocate their money youth over a fixed period of time. On the way they learn to prioritize their canada goose rideau parka uk spending, says Sandmæl.

According to consumer Economist, it is also important that children get early insight into canada goose rideau parka the family economy so that they understand what needs to be prioritized.

Many young people ask to get it which is "in", the thing that everyone else has. As parents, it's hard to say no and the answer the youth often get is that we can't afford. Without explaining why it can be a annoying answers. On the other canada goose outlet hand parents explains how much they earn and which expenses they have, then see also the youth that it is more important with canada goose rideau parka - womens light, heat and food, than a designerveske, says Sandmæl.

In the survey done for the DnB, that almost half of the Norwegian students buy things they can't afford.

I think that there are many who get a reality check when they move away from home. Then, they can no longer afford to only spend money on themselves, "said Sandmæl.